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Welcome to Comtec Computers Services....

Our focus is to reach your total satisfaction by providing high quality home and business services. Comtec Computers personnel are ready to provided professional computer support and repair at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your home. We have a long list of our happy and satisfied customers.

At Comtec Computer we build computers customizable to your liking with the newest and greatest products that you can get for your PC. If you are looking to upgrade your computer you have come to the right place. All of the latest and most innovative computers are just a phone call away from what you can buy today. We also sell software and hardware individually.

We also service repairs on computers that need to be fixed. Depending on the how old your computer is we may be able to use the Process called restoration bringing your old computer up to speed with the newest technology.

We are specialized in Network diagnosis and pc repair, we repair all manner of computer problems. If you're having problems with upgrades, or your computer is running slow, or even if it's malfunction, WE CAN HELP!



We repair most of the input and output devices and other hardware components such as...

Motherboard Printer
Monitor UPS
Laptop Scanner
Data Recovery Servers

Annual Maintenance

Computer maintenance covers such a wide scope, its physically impossible to list every single service we could provide. One thing's for sure though, If you don't take care of your equipment, it won't take care of you - And this as most of us know happens when we need our Computers and Laptops the most. So as you can appreciate, there are many services we can provide, and the above is just a small selection from the most recent queries we received.


“We are experts are wireless networking. We can setup any type of wireless network. From a basic home wireless network to a multiple hotspot wireless we can do it all. We will also ensure that your network is as secure as possible. We always use the highest encryption available and can adjust the security features of your router to achieve the highest level of security possible. ”