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About Us

It’s not about us; it’s about you! You are our priority!

Since 2000, Comtec Computers has been serving hundreds of customers in Gurgaon, offering the most reliable, professional and reasonably priced services that set us apart from other firms.

We deal in Branded & Assembled Computers, Peripherals, A.M.C., Networking, Repairing, Data Recovery & Computer Consultancy .

Our customer’s needs always come first! Our friendly and qualified technicians are ready to assist you with your refurbished and new computers helping you make decisions by determining what you need and suggesting sensible solutions.

There are plenty of companies that offer computer services. However, it'd be best to find the best one so that you can be assured that your expectation will be met. If you want to be more confident with the Comtec Computers Services, you can run a company house check in the internet to know more details about this computer service company.

We have many satisfied clients those are availing our computer maintenance services since 2000. We have Microsoft Certified System Engineersfor our Computer Maintenance Services. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients. Company is dealing in Branded and Assembled Computers and peripherals at an affordable cost.



We repair most of the input and output devices and other hardware components such as...

Motherboard Printer
Monitor UPS
Laptop Scanner
Data Recovery Servers

Annual Maintenance

Computer maintenance covers such a wide scope, its physically impossible to list every single service we could provide. One thing's for sure though, If you don't take care of your equipment, it won't take care of you - And this as most of us know happens when we need our Computers and Laptops the most. So as you can appreciate, there are many services we can provide, and the above is just a small selection from the most recent queries we received.


“We are experts are wireless networking. We can setup any type of wireless network. From a basic home wireless network to a multiple hotspot wireless we can do it all. We will also ensure that your network is as secure as possible. We always use the highest encryption available and can adjust the security features of your router to achieve the highest level of security possible. ”